Abstract instructions

Abstract submission for oral presentations is closed. We can however accept a few more abstracts for posters. Such abstracts are then to be uploaded in Word format (see the bottom of this page). However, disregard the option full or short presentation, as well as the option to get an evaluation of your oral presentation. Except for these changes, please follow the instructions below:

Main scientific sessions and examples of session topics
·    Towards sustainable sources of seafood - aquaculture (fish/shellfish/algae) and rest raw materials
                - aquatic foods from new aquaculture species
                - novel feed sources  for aquaculture
                - sustainable aquatic foods from capture fisheries
                - technical challenges of “low value”  species and by-product utilization
                - emerging ECO-labeling considerations
                - life cycle assessment
·     Product development and product communication within the seafood sector
             - "driving forces" in new product development

                - effective communication of health messages and seafood products to consumers

                - trends in consumer behavior in the food/seafood sector 

                - importance of seafood origin

                - package design and product presentation

                - emergence of ECO-labels

·     Innovative process and detection technologies for seafood
                - innovative processing techniques for seafood/seafood ingredients
                - implementing robotics in seafood processing
                - novel packaging techniques and packaging materials
                - application of imaging techniques for seafood   
                - use of non-destructive composition and quality analysis tools   
                - new developments in analytics for seafood research
·     Retaining high quality through the seafood processing chain
                - importance of fish welfare and harvesting methods in product quality
                - control of destabilizing components during processing of sensitive raw materials
                - new innovative chilling systems    
                - implementation strategies for HACCP in seafood processing
                - developments in novel food additives (antioxidants, antimicrobial agents etc)
·     Safety and nutritional aspects of seafood consumption 
                - environmental and natural contaminants in seafood
                - developments in the microbiological safety of seafood
                - identification of bioactive components in seafood
                - developments in novel human nutritional research (e.g. systems biology)




Your abstract should be single spaced on A4 paper (8.5-11 in.) with Times New Roman font size 12 pt, with margins on 2.5 cm (1 in.) and should not exceed more than 350 words (excluding Author(s)’s name(s) and affiliations). The abstract should include:

·           Title, Author(s)’s name(s), affiliations(s) and E-mail address for the Corresponding Author. Underline the presenting author.

·           Although separate headings are not needed, the following sections should be clearly visible in the abstract: background, aim, methodology, results and conclusions.


·         Indicate whether your abstract is intended for a short (5 min) or full (15 min) communication.
Please note: Based on the number of abstracts that will be sent to WEFTA 2011, and based on the evaluation made by the Scientific Committee, abstracts for full communications may be converted into short communications or posters. With the same background also short communications may be converted into posters.

·         Indicate which session your communication fits best within.

·         We offer students the possibility to get a short evaluation of their oral communication at the conference. This evaluation will be given by a small WEFTA Committee and will contain feed-back on the way the results were presented and some advices for improvements. Indicate whether you would like to get such an evaluation.

Abstract submission

The abstracts in Word format are to be uploaded to the following website no later than
Friday 13 May 2011: